New technologies

Recurring problems related to the worsening of media exchange, caused by patency drop or total blockage in flow exchangers and pipe conduits, contribute to lowering their efficiency, which results in stoppages and considerable financial losses.

Cheminstal S.A. is the only company to have invented and patented a technology of condenser packet regeneration for fan coolers and cooling towers.

During the operation of a fan cooler or cooling tower, due to the conditions inside, high moisture and elevated temperature, packets of different mineral compounds, mainly calcium, but also iron, silicon and algae deposit in cavities. There can also occur other accretions, such as sand, leaves from trees and different substances related to the production process, causing obstructions by accumulation and clogging of cavities in the packets.

Those contaminations restrict water flow through the condenser and cause reduction of the cooler's efficiency, which results in the necessity to replace packets that are blocked by sediment. Contaminated and blocked packets, due to the fact of exponential increase in weight (even by 700%), pose a serious structural risk. There are known cases of construction accidents where coolers collapsed because of excessive structural load due to the contaminations accumulated in the packets. Contaminated packets, with sediment accumulated inside, become waste after being removed from the cooler, and the cooler's user has to pay for their transport and utilisation. Contaminated packets cannot be dumped and thus have to be utilised.

We suggest a solution which significantly decreases the cost of cooler repair and at the same time does not necessitate waste utilisation. Our invention regenerates condenser packets with several cleaning operations, as a result of which condenser packets are restored to their efficiency in 100%.

Owing to our individual approach to particular problems and professional preparation for the tasks required by clients, we achieve the desired effects in the cleaning process.