Quality policy

The operating strategy of CHEMINSTAL manifests through our aiming at the maintenance of constant improvement of the quality of the products in our offer to a level which our clients will regard as comparable to the best achievements of our competitors. The condition of attaining a continued success of our company is the client's satisfaction showing in their full trust for our products.

In accordance with the above, we declare:

  • Constant monitoring of the needs, expectations and satisfaction of our clients,
  • Improvement of our client service, identification and acquisition of new ready markets,
  • Provision of the means and creating such working conditions that, when used to their fullest, will ensure the highest quality of manufactured products,
  • Ensuring of the competitiveness of our products by lowering the production costs,
  • Systematic inspections and self-inspections to detect any possible flaws and errors during the execution of processes and to prevent their recurrence,
  • Using the services of providers who offer merchandise and services of quality identical to that stipulated by our own and our clients' requirements,
  • Conducting trainings in order to increase the qualifications and professionalism of each of our employees,
  • Taking actions aimed at involving all workers in the problem of quality control,
  • Constant improvement of our Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard,
  • Taking and supporting any actions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of our company.

We obligate all of our employees to participate actively in the implementation of the actions declared above.