Cheminstal conducts installations, modernisation, repairs, chemical cleaning, hydrodynamic cleaning, etc.

The scope of work performed by our company expands constantly, as of now it has included:

- chimney and fan coolers (cleaning of packets)
- starters
- intercoolers for air compressors
- circulation pump cooling systems for heating stations
- JAD and plate heat exchangers
- condensers
- coil pipe bundles in boilers
- cooling units (water and steam coolers for bearings and fans)
- evaporators
- recuperators
- sample pans installations, etc.
- bearings (rotary bearings for air heaters, etc.) etc.
- jackets for Damel, etc. electric motors.
- cooling units for fuel engines (carriers type _ SWPS, SWKS, SWOZ, SWB, TUR, SWT)
- ash feeders (Teleman, Luiza, etc.)
- installation of industrial devices and systems
- replacement-installation of rainwater collectors
- replacement-installation of fire-extinguishing systems
- replacement-installation of industrial systems
- piping manifolds, pipe conduits, etc.

We provide our clients with complex services in the areas of:
- design documentation
- delivery and installation of equipment
- delivery and installation of pipes
- delivery and installation of measurement equipment and automatics
- delivery and installation of electric equipment
- delivery and installation of insulation
- staff training
- start-up
- warranty and post-warranty service

Using our experience gathered in the energy and industrial sector, by expanding our area of activity, the company provides technologies for other branches of industry.