Before beginning contamination removal, we conduct tests with different nozzles or nozzle arrays, in order to select the proper method and working pressure. The appropriate selection of nozzles or nozzle arrays allows to introduce the cleaning medium in the space between pipes, breaking contaminations in the form of scale and others that can deposit on internal and external pipe surfaces.

The method of hydrodynamic cleaning is based on inserting the nozzle into the pipe. The water stream flowing out of the nozzle breaks off any deposits on the internal surface of the pipe conduit and carries it outside. In order to conduct the cleaning, it is not necessary to take apart the whole installation.

In rare or technically complicated cases, we may conduct cleaning tests, the purpose of which is to choose the appropriate pressures and nozzle systems for the pipe conduit by moving the nozzle inside it, attached to flexible tubing.

In our search for new solutions, we offer new and effective high-pressure techniques of descaling and cleaning of different kinds of surfaces.

In the hands of our highly qualified personnel, modern equipment ensures high effectiveness of the method, a short time of work and guaranteed quality, as expected by our clients.